Kick-off with the chess elite

The ECCC-2022 in the Zillertal has begun. All the stars have turned up at the boards, first and foremost Magnus Carlsen, who is always the focus of media attention. The “playing” FIDE leadership also attracts a lot of attention, with former World Champion and FIDE Vice-President Vishy Anand on the top board of the favourite CSU ASE Superbet and FIDE Managing Director Dana Reizniece-Ozala, she plays in the open section for the Swedish club Wasa SK.

In the women’s section, the Ukrainian World Champions Marya and Anna Muzychuk clash each other right from the start. Anna, who was World Champion in Rapid and Blitz, leads the title favourites Cercle d’Echecs de Monte-Carlo. Marya, who is one world title ahead of her sister in standard chess, plays for the Slovenian club TAJFUN – SK Ljubljana. Chief Arbiter Takis Nikolopoloulos started the tournament with a small delay due to the strict controls. 

The event opened already on Sunday evening with a celebration in the Tyrolean ambience of the Hotel Berghof. Reports can be found on the social media channels in Facebook and Instagram.

For one week now, the title in the “Champions League” of chess will be contested in Mayrhofen. In any case, the Europahaus in Mayrhofen has been prepared for this challenge in the best possible way by tournament director Johann Pöcksteiner and organiser Werner Csrnko.

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ECCC-2022 Open Section
ECCC-2022 Women Section

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